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Flower Vase

20 minutes dredging meridian massage + 40 minutes moxibustion + 30 minutes Chinese herbal foot bath

Chinese moxibustion therapy 90min package

Function: Warming the meridians and dredging collaterals, benefit for headaches, migraines, and difficulty falling asleep caused by neurasthenia, and can also effectively relieve dysmenorrhea and muscle pain. It helps cure  chronic diarrhea and constipation, with the Chinese herbal foot bath it can promote blood circulation and detoxification throughout the body.

Flower Vase

15 minutes relaxing massage + 30 minutes dry needling + 15 minutes fire cupping + 30 minutes Chinese herbal foot bath

Dry needle fire cupping therapy 90min package

Function: Solve frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, neck, shoulder and waist pain, muscle pain after exercise, etc. It is suitable for various muscle soreness. It cooperates with the special Chinese herbal foot bath to promote the blood circulation of the whole body.

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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a tailored treatment based on your needs and body conditions to heal or remove your problems such as sports injury and chronic pain. It includes a wide range of different treatments like hot stone massage, acupuncture, cupping (or fire cupping) and moxibustion. For each treatment, our therapists will make a treatment plan for you.




Hot stone

About Hydra-Time

Regenerating therapeutic treatment tailored specifically to individual

Hydra Time is a boutique hydration therapy and beauty massage spa located at Fortitude Valley in
Brisbane. Specialising in detoxify and muscles relax. Recommend the treatment of hydration therapy,
herbal bath with massage, to get the better result of refreshing and hydrating.

We do provide a deluxe environment to our valuable customers, each room comes with a bucket bath,
and you may have your treatment as private as you can. Shower facility is also provided. A range of other
massages also offered for both men and women.

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